SCCLA Business Meeting Minutes Template Date: {5 3, 2007} Time: 7:30 - 9 p.m. Location: Billy DeFrank Community Center

Meeting Moderator ({Apr- Jun}) : {Stephanie} Meeting Scribe ({May - Jul}) : {Mikey}

Requests from Guests: (for help/participation from sccla)

{Whips and Wigs} - {Empress 37 Ava Grab-Mor}

There was talk about doing a whips and wigs style show sometime in August or September.

Announcements (for non sccla events) Empress 37 Ava Grab-Mor is having their Mr/Mrs. South Bay Pride Pageant sponsored by IRLM. Event takes place May 12, 2007. Doors open 7pm, contest at 8pm. New gay video bar called Hunters. Opens June 1st in San Jose, “somewhere about first street.”

Club Reports:

Membership Report - Omega

We have members. Renewals being sent out this month.

Treasury Report - Loren

We have money. Donation check to be given to BDF at Anniversary Party.

Old Business:

Report on {SJ Pride} - {SCCLA}

Action item: confirm with Brotherhood that we are marching with them.

Status on {Leather Picnic} - {Rudy}

We have a flier courtesy of Rudy. When time gets closer, we need to advertise it more. We need people to bring games (no bubbles we have plenty), write directions, carpooling. Don’t forget to invite other people! It is a comfy environment.

New Business:

{Backroom Club House } - {Moderator}

We can use the Pierce Ink Backroom. When we pass the hat for donations the money goes to Pierce Ink. Should advertise on SCCLA list and queer/queer friendly lists. For now do movie nights and game nights. The next movie is called Shortbus, and we’ll be seeing it Friday May 11th.

{SJ Pride Edges Party } - {Moderator}

Anybody want to drive it? Hype the event? Lance to email Ali on party status.

{LLC 2008 } - {Moderator}

Will be in San Francisco in 2008. Possibly will have a rep from LLC next month. Perhaps encourage parties at LLC? Work with Citadel?

{Anniversary Party} - {Moderator}

Changed to a cocktail party. 4-5 is setup, 5-8 party, 8-9 cleanup. Just invite whole organizations instead of select few. We need: shoppers, bartenders, servers, volunteers!

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