SCCLA Business Meeting “Minutes” Aka Lance’s Notes

Date: 3/1/2007 Time: 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. Location: Billy DeFrank Community Center Meeting Moderator: Omega Meeting Scribe: none

Requests from Guests: (for help/participation from sccla) • None

Announcements (for non sccla events)

• Kevin mentioned the GLAAD media awards in San Francisco, on April 27th. He and Andy are hosting a table and invite folks to purchase a seat with them.

• Forgotten at the meeting, but: Wyatt is doing a mummification class for smOdyssey on March 22nd! He is looking for a demo bottom.

Club Reports:

Membership Report - Omega: about 38 members. Omega sent an invite to the members list out to our newest seven members about two weeks ago. Stephane will follow up with her friend to see if he got it, as it appears none have joined the list.

Treasury Report - Loren

o Looks like we will have almost $3000 from Leather Weekend 2006 to give to the deFrank. Loren will find out the difference, and then likely propose we make it up for the cool $3k.

o As a note, Loren remimbursed Lance for the IMsL ad.

Old Business: Reports:

Dinner Schmooze: Stephanie reported the first Dinner Schmooze at the new location was fun.

Status on: • Rubber Pride Bracelets – Loren; Looks like we want to reorder the Pride bracelets to have a stock for the summer events.

• Lance will contact the Marine and see about getting her stock of club friendship pins back.

Scotch and Cigars – Lance: Lance mentioned the concept to Ali of Edges, who is all for it. Waiting for a warmer month.

• Ongoing Tuesdays, "Yoga for Every 'Body" w/conni (5:30pm-6:45pm) @ BDF

SCCLA Bar Schmooze Friday March 2, 2007, 9-Midnight @ Rengades Bar, San Jose

SCCLA Dinner Schmooze Thursday March 8, 2007 8-10p.m. Sonoma Chicken Coop, San Jose

Leather Night at Renegades: We chose a date: Friday, April 20th. Decided to make it a birthday theme. Do a raffle with measurements; mix of 50/50 and a couple additional small prizes, including one LeatherPost gift certificate. Could do jail n bail on the chain link fence, but that might be too much for this event. Decorate with crepe paper. Would like to do a wax demo with jesus candles; up at the back of outside, which is both safe and visible. Put a bow on the bottom. Maybe ask Jeff about a fire demo? – Who wants to do the wax??

IRLM Coronation: flags – unclear on this, is Loren coordinating? Omega and Bobbie are doing/leading security. Note: we will need to submit protocol for this!

IMsL Loren is coordinating flags. Has four bearers from us and four from ACLC. Omega is in need of DMs. Wyatt and Lance are hosting an SCCLA hospitality suite one night. ACLC is hosting one as well. S tephanie brought contributions for a donation basket. Donations accepted next biz as well.

Anniversary Party Strong movement towards making this event easy for us. Probably have at least $600 for it (catering). Strong belief to skip the awards; not enough interest/a lot of effort last year. Instead, suggestion of an open mic; invite folks to come up and share a memory. Suggestion of a centerpiece contest; invite attendees to bring a centerpiece, have ballots out, and some small prize for the winner (take care of table décor). Big display pieces are in K&A’s storage locker. Looked at dates in May; Stephanie will contact Joel and check out dates/facilities, then report to Wyatt. Strong desire for photo retrospective (along with open mic, as the best celebration of who we are and what we do).

San Jose Pride No Dave, so not sure if Joe knows we’re out. Lance will contact Dave and ask. We are not asking for a smaller booth. If they offer us one, we will likely take it.

San Francisco Pride – June 23/24. Discussed walking in the parade, working at Leather Alley. Noted no info from smOdyssey. We’ll probably be casual as usual. Hopefully a few of us will show with a banner and walk.

Committee Reports: • None

New Business:Picnic – July date. Discussed location preference; went with the new, more isolated location; however, we need much better directions this year, and to actually have carpooling set up. Want to start advertising more in advance as well. Lance will ask Rod if he will set up the location again.

Leather Weekend – Discussed changing the date, to build on the energy we create. General belief that we have carved the November date out in the bay area leather schedule, and so people can and do attend. As an alternate, create a January dinner and movie date now on our calendar, that we are committed to act on. Easy, but 'something' in the quiet time before spring, which will hopefully keep energy up for doing an earlier Leather Night next year.

Housekeeping: • New moderator: Stephanie • New scribe: Mikey

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