Saturday August 2, 2014
No-Host Cocktails 6:30pm, Dinner 7pm
[WWW] The Flames Eatery & Bar in downtown San Jose
88 S 4th St, San Jose, CA
Private Banquet Room
Everyone 18+ of age is Welcome!

Your $35 ticket includes:

Advance ticket purchase required, no tickets at the door.
Deadline Sunday July 27, 2014 11:59PM


Beneficiary: [WWW] St. Jude Children's Research Hopital

Formal Leather and Uniforms are admired but not required.

Menu Choices:
1. Roasted Greek Chicken: ½ chicken with roasted potatoes
2. Salmon with Flames’ mashed potatoes and vegetables
3. Culotte Steak with Flames’ mashed potatoes and vegetables
4. Capellini D'angelo (Angel Hair Pasta) (Vegetarian)