Leather Invasion: BINGO


Please join the Santa Clara County Leather Association for a leather folks night out playing BINGO. Wear your leather, gear, uniforms! No Leather? No worries, come as you are. All attire must be street legal. Hang out with leather folk while engaging in exciting games of BINGO with opportunities for BIG PRIZES! Everyone is welcome.

We will have one or two tables reserved so we can all sit together. Bring a snack food to share. Don't forget your daubers if you have them (but often there are folks with daubers to share.)

The Early Bird Game Starts at 6:30pm Regular BINGO Starts a 7:00pm. (on the dot, no drag or leather time) There are 10 regular bingo games during the evening, raffle prizes. Snacks and soft drinks are available for purchase but we are free to bring food and beverages of our own so consider bring a snack to share.

Bingo Cards are sold in a pack, one pack covers all 10 games for the evening. 1st pack buy in is $15, each additional pack (to play more cards per game) is $5

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