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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Leather-Levi Weekend 2005

Here is a partial list of some of the things that rocked about LLW:

1. All the new and familiar faces which smiled at me.
2. Stumbling into a private pierceing/energy pull that I'd wanted too attend (it was magnificent and an honor to be there.
3. Some time in the sun.
4.This year I played water volleyball rather than watched it, and won more points than I lost.
5. Tthe SCCLA portion of the travelling cocktail party went really well once again- someone or other (The Marine? Kevin?) had the inspired idea of placing a blue gumi shark into each glass, which we then filled with Shark Bait (black raspberry vodka martinis) or Baby Shark Bait (black raspberry lemonade)... this year we also managed to attend most of the cocktail party which was very cool (ACLC had cigars! How excellent is that?).
6. Wyatt (and I) won the Scavenger Hunt on behalf of the club! That was a hoot.
7. Wyatt also got called on stage as part of the crew for his work on presenting the movies, yea.
8. The run show was funny. Karl (formerly of ACLC) wrote it again. There were some very fun bits to the skit. ... also, Kevin and I carried the club banner in the initial presentaion of colors; thanks to Wyatt who heard about the walk and ran to his car (hurt knee and all) to retrieve the banner. Wyatt captured tons of the weekend with his trusty camera. Tangible memory is a wonderful thing.
9. Leathermen! Lube wrestling and harnesses and boots and bare feet... though the couple of guys in clean suits (read, big white paper) remain a mystery to me. Leatherwomen and boys too... boys helping out, a girl in pink panties getting pierced. Yea!
10. The lack of mosquitoes! I got only one bite all weekend, and not because Wyatt and I went with full mosquito combat gear, but because the resort had had a search out and destroy plan of their own. I just didn't think about the amount of poison they had likley used. West Nile virus is Bad.

Things that went wrong... Andy's bike we picked up from the shop on Thursday, and it should have been in primo condition. However, iit had Issues. I'll let him document the mass of it. In the end, we had the poor machine tied down and hauled back to the shop (on Sunday). My Seca was leaking its bit of oil, but ran like a dream (65 mpg or more).

Wyatt and gotten a private room, to have easy access to a bathroom; but no, we wer in a 'tent cabin', which is a tiny slanted one-room hut with access to neither.. and up a somewhat rocky hill to boot (note reference to Wyatt's hurt knee above). We learned more about the workings of the weekend in discussions with LLW friends in high places.

The ride up was wonderful. Big creds to Mindy. I wrote her mentioning I wanted to ride the Berryessa/Knoxville road too, when would she be there? Turns out our schedule's didn't match, but she generously sent me her entire ride plan, which I happily snagged and printed for Kevin, Andy and I to use.

It was an amazing ride up (one day I want the chance to ride it FAST!). It was a time of Kevin and critters; I wished I had a video camera attached to my (wonderful new Shoei) helmet, as he encountered a rabbit, turkeys, and especially a flock of quail. We were in a narrow bit of road, tall trees to either side, and the birds flew ujp around him in a perfect frame. Potholes were mostly avoidable; only one wash held any water. Few cars. Vroom vroom! - home on 29 through Napa had more traffic than ideal. Kevin and I paced along iwth the masses on 80 and 880 to finish Sunday off. It was very good to get home.

Monday, August 23, 2004
Cowboy Up! Gay Rodeo 2004

Best Buck by the Bay was a whole lot of fun! All the rodeo I’ve been missing these years…

Last Schmooze, Kevin (current IRLM Emperor and past SCCL titleholder) let us know that the gay rodeo (Best Buck in the Bay) was short on volunteers. So a small group of us got in touch with their volunteers lead, Travis (who wore many other hats as well; also male chapter 'royalty' ; their equivalet to titleholders). So, the group of us rode in on Friday night and whipped their volunteers into shape. We - especially braidigh- brought a little order into the friendly chaos.

The rodeo folks were a very friendly crew! Again, because we – Jim Holt, bradigh,
Wyatt, and I – volunteered, we got to meet people, from event organizers to contestants (woof!) to attendees.

Beautiful cowboys everywhere. Yum! The volunteer setup was kinda chaotic; braidigh stepped in and took it over, got asked to do it the next two nights! And she did. Friday was fun; I did security (badge and drink checking) at the front door. Our bootblack friends Andrew and Lee were there, which was great. (Lee did a fine job on my dusty Tony Lama's on Saturday night.)

Saturday I got to the rodeo grounds, Driscoll Ranch outside La Honda, at around noon, which gave me an hour to wander. Ran into Tina and Billy and Lee. Wandered a bit, then went up
to my front gate parking duty locale; the two boys there were initially busy, then they showed me and a woman who showed up to volunteer what to do… only they never left.

After that, I watched some rodeo (really enjoyed it! Especially the horses; some of the steer stuff was a little hard to watch; bull riding was a Wow though). Got to see the Goat Dressing, which Costume-Con sponsored the award buckle for. Hung out with girl Lee, Andrew, Wyatt. Later, we also sat with Val and Nyna of ACLC, and Tyler, a San Francisco guy I’ve seen here and there (including LLW). The pole and flag racing were great.

Saturday night I went back to the hotel (and left my lights on; leading to waiting for a very cheerful Kia battery jumping tow truck boy; I forgot to turn my lights off after leaving the dark hilly area of Driscol Ranch), chilled with Andy & Kevin for a bit of food and a nice cocktail party; Jobby, one of the guys who put the rodeo together, was the another guest, he was very personable. Lee and Andrew; we had fun tasting drinks. I had a Hoopla. I stayed at the party a few hours; Rod and Allen arrived, which was great. They were surprised to see me. My apparently secret interesst in western stuff came out. ;-)

Come Sunday evening, I had a sudden desire to go to the awards ceremony for the rodeo. Off
I went, ending up arriving on time. Sigh… no one, virtually, was there. I sat in the car an dplayed with my pda, til braidigh and Jim arrived. We grabbed a table, chatted, Anjelica, a towering sweet drag queen, introduced me to Eric, an organizer, who gave me pins for Wyatt and I. Had a great margarita. One of the sponsors was the tequila supplier.

The ceremony was much fun. Our table was filled by cowboys and girls.
Piles of ribbons and a buckle or two. Kevin and Andy presented for Costume-con (another venture I'm involved in as well) and the IRLM. Then…bradigh got a buckle for overall volunteer! Rocked her world. Such a surprise, though she surely earned it. Great fun!

(apologies to all the rodeo folk whom I don't attribute their proper titles too).

Tuesday, August 17, 2004
SCCLA and Leather Levi Weekend!

This past (long) weekend, Aug. 12-15, was the Leather Levi Weekend, help up in Saratoga Springs (a resort near Clear Lake). It rocked! (Especially the fisting, IMO ;-) ). Seven SCCLA folks attended. Some stayed offsite in a hotel, most of us camped. Happily, the area I chose was also shared by some Alameda County Leather Corps people (thanks Karl for the help with my tent). It turned out a couple ACLC folks were on the LLW team: Mark and Joel. Who knew. ;-)

I rode up to the city Thursday morning, meeting at a Mel's diner. Only four of us showed for the bay area ride... and mostly south bay guys! (though I didn't know them particularly). Val of ACLC led the way. It was a beautiful ride, though cold. We ate at an old-fashioned diner... so old-fashioned it had a grease fire on the grill, put out with baking soda, and hence no fries or onion rings. ;-) We turned inland there, wanting warmth. And boy we got it. I loaned Val a cool tie, and opened all the vents on my jacket (yea vents). Happily, Val knew the cleverly hidden turn-offs into the camp. And we arrived in a vroom of dust, happy to peel down ourselves, and loving the welcoming waves from naked guys. ;-) The people I rode with were the first of many, many interesting people I had conversations with.

I participated in a number of excellent activities over the weekend. went to the Meet and Greet (organized by Sal of the Exiles; she and her boy Jean did a great Daddy/boy D/s relationships class later in the weekend). Worked my two hours as Officer In Charge (happily not having to do anything terribly Serious while on duty!). Did yoga one day. Went to a bondage class (practice rope supplied by the instructor!), an electricity class (saw a toy new to me, and the latest greatest prescription post-tens device), a fisting class (did I mention that was awesome! Lots of great pointers), and a Full-body Slapping class, which ended up being about moving stuck energy. We worked in groups of three; two guys on the third; massage to intense slapping. It was a pretty intense experience; and relaxing too; after taking the slapping and working over two others I was ready for a nap!

SCCLA's biggest moment came as being one of seven groups participating in the 'formal' travelling cocktail party. With a lot of team work and impromptu design, we put out a couple of tails, tastefully done in black, with SCCLA flyers, hand-deocrated SCCLA/shark bite cups (go Hilary and Ariel!), black cocktail napkins (cleverly prettied by our bartender), and a big ol' barrel of Leather Shark Bites (thanks to Kevin who couldn't be there but helped with the recipe, though it was subject to on-site fine-tuning). The masses loved our drink! And cups! I spoke off the cuff for about ten minutes. It was pretty cool to see heads nodding in appreciation. :-) We were great! ... one of the other groups managed tiny snow cones! That was amazing. Everyone was styling.

The event featured three dungeon areas; one big tent, a smaller sling tent (yea!) and a smaller tent divided into more private areas. The most popular areas were the front porch of the main lodge, where the bar and ops were, and the pool... intelligently, LLW had little scheduled during the heat of the day. Pool, pool, pool. A couple of vendors were located there, too. I bought an interesting new ass toy, and a glowing LED dick necklace. ;-)

This is just the barest overview of the event. It was great to have so many SCCLA and associated folk in attendance. A number of us made the community building discussion at the end of the weekend... we all want to see this event continue. Such a social, accepting space is a marvel (so cool to see newbies ok with asking questions!).

Thursday, May 13, 2004
Things are ramping up into the summer silly season. :-) More fun than one can possibly scheduled... as ever, it's great to live somewhere so rich in leather offerings.

Anyhow, this Friday night at about 9pm, the SCCLA is hosting the next Leather Night at Renegades (on Stockton St., San Jose). It is the send-off for our Mr. SCCL 2004, for his journey to IML (Int'l Mr. Leather). I hear Sage is bringing the Wheel of Torture. So it should be lots of fun.

Meanwhile, we're working on our July event, an SM Tasting, which Jeff has taken the lead on, plus a Grand Opening event for the new deFrank Center, and, most urgently, the San Jose Pride festival, coming up in June (second Sunday). There's lots to sort through. Right now some of are are emailing like mad, getting details sorted out. It will all come together well I expect!

Monday, April 19, 2004
This past Saturday was the Leather Community Picnic. Thanks are owed to many: Wyatt, who got so many necessities for us, Rod, who got the birthday cake (there were a number of April birthdays to celebrate, including Bootdog, Sage, and myself), Chelsea who got smOdyssey involved AND brought her massage table!; Loren who made sure everyone got the title they deserved (e.g. Can Safeword in 17 Different Languages), to Ronnie and Warren who hung the banner... to all the folk who helped set up and tear down...Such a great team makes the work portion of the event almost as much fun as the picnic portion!

Yes we had some rain and chill, but we also had some sun and lots of fun! It was gorgeous when I left for the park, but clouds came in quickly, and drizzle began even before the opening hour (sigh). Rod and I tried flying our kites during the occasional bouts of sun, but didn't have too much luck.

A black leather straight jacket was gorgeous wrapped around our male titleholder, Khol... Leathermen with bubbles are a delightful sight to see as well :-) . A number of group had flyers, so information was excahgned. Our bootblacks got to clean up some leather armor... As always, there was plenty of food.

Thanks to all who attended and contributed their smiles and their meat!

We'll do it again next year.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Leather Night tonight at Renegade's! It's Leather Masters' tenth anniversary celebration. I will have to go check out their sale tomorrow. Congrats to Dave and Leather Masters. Ah, living in leather Mecca is good. !

I just came back from a meeting at the deFrank this evening with Patrick Soricone re moving
the SCCLA under the deFrank's umbrella. It went well. They really like us. He was surprised at the lack of rules. ;-) I explained consensus and committees, and that we figured we would grow more organization when/if we needed it.

Patrick thinks he should be ready to set us up on the 27th (which is the day after the next Board meeting. It is pretty awesome to be taking this next step in the SCCLA's transformation.

I was struck by the fact that I was the one doing this. I don't think ten years ago I ever would've imagined myself doing this kinda official business for a leather club. :-)

Monday, April 05, 2004

I went to ACLC's poker run yesterday. When I left San Jose, it was in bright if slightly windy weather. I decided to layer on a fleece turtleneck; no liner in my jacket and 880 might be cold. Boy, was I glad I did; it got cloudier and colder as I neared Hayward. It never really cleared in the course of the day; mere hints of sun.

I was fairly early to arrive, but the parking lot of the Rainbow Room still had a fair number of bikes in it, and the event was well set up, with a tent, banner, and baloons. Coffee in the bar. And stuff to put in the coffee for non-riders... I had a chance to chat with Marilyn, Karl, and Joan. Bootdog was running about it; I was able to talk with him for a bit later in the day as he flipped burgers.

I was in the first group of riders to depart, led by Alden... whom I found out later was the Alden I have conversed, via email, with about the Leather Forum. That was cool. Our group had seven bikes in it (there were four or five groups, a good turn out).

It was a nice ride, though short! About 40 miles, with 4 stops. At each stop, we got a playing card in a sealed envelope. Once we got through the zillion stop lights leading out of town, we travelled nice twisty roads, through redwoods and eucalypsis, though hills and along a lake. It was very Santa Cruz-hills feeling, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. There was water and smiles at every stop, and a car tailed each group of riders. Lots of built-in safety. ACLC did a fine job.

After the ride (I got two jacks; I saw a number of hands with nothing!), I bought myself a burger, and hung out for a bit. They started an auction indoors; after that, a few bike games were scheduled. I did a bit of SCCLA business (around our July 17 event), then decided a bit of time at home on Sunday aftenoon would be nice, so I took off home. Traffic FLEW on the way back. I was doing 80, one lane from the left!

It was a good run.

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